High speed PVC Ceiling Panel Making Machine

PVC ceiling pannel making machine- Suzhou Midtech Industry co.,Ltd

We (suzhou midtech industry co.,Ltd), develope a new type PVC ceiling panel making machine with the extrusion speed 10m/min (2880sqm/24 hours)

Components of PVC ceiling panel making machine

a.  PVC ceiling panel machine -Conical twin screw extruder:

Using the high efficient conical twin screws, specially designed for PVC power to ensure uniformed plasticization, high extrusion. Stable temperature controlling system can guarantee high quality pipe extrusion.

b.PVC ceiling panel machine- Extrusion Mould:

Spiral type die head will ensure high speed extrusion and avoid the thermal decomposition of amorphous plastics and get high quality PVC profiles. There is heating control system inside of the mould, high efficient, easy to extrude. Bronze calibrators can make the PVC profiles fast calibrated and cooled.

c. PVC ceiling panel machine -Spraying and cooling table:

Rapid vacuum calibrating system allows the hot extruded PVC ceiling panel profiles to be cooled in a very short time and obtain the final size. Automatic temperature control system, pressure regulator, and vacuum control valve greatly enhance the sizing and cooling performance as well as the production speed.

d. PVC ceiling panel machine -Haul off machine:

Adopts caterpillar type suitable for different sizes of pipes. Haul off caterpillar blocks are made of abrasion resistant rubber material, which can make a high and stable hauling speed.

e.PVC ceiling panel machine -No dust machine:

Precision machine cutter is able to make flat, straight cuts at high speed. A powerful suction device gathers up waste scraps after cutting, thereby making it easier for users to clean the cutter.

f.PVC ceiling panel machine -Automatic stacker:

Automatic packing machine

g.PVC ceiling panel machine - lamination machine:

Main Model of PVC ceiling panel machine :







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