PVC glazed tile production line

With UV coating pvc plastic glazing/glazed roof tiles production lineconsists of main extruders, T-die and calibrating downstream units, which can continuously extrude single layer pvc glazed tiles, pvc/pmma and pvc/asa composite multi-layer galzed tiles.

PART 1: Advantages and applications

1.Specified screw design for better material plasticizing &mixing effect, For high filling formula, bimetallic screw and barrel can guarantee perfect solution;

2.Co-extruder equipped with dehumidifying and drying system can be applied to produce PMMA/ASA composite material, which ensures the good performance and high quality of final product;

3.T-die adopted hanger style can be applied to produce single PVC melt material or multi-layer compound material, and flow surface adopts polish and electroplated treatment;

4.Calibrator usually adopts 18-22couples cast aluminum module and each one is composed of bush and mandrel, completely occlusion, ensures the shape and size of the product, also cooling method adopts frozen cooling air which greatly improve cooling effect;

5.Guillotine cutter ensuing flat and chip free cutting, and tracking cutter especially for thick and high filler product.

6.Intelligent PLC controlling system with human-friendly interface make the operation easily and conveniently;

PART 2: Main Techinical Data:

Extruder model

SJSZ80/156 + SJ65/30



Sheet specifications

Width: 720/880/1040mm Wave pitch:160mm Wave length:220mm Wave height:30mm Thickness:1-3mm

Emboss rollers


T-die head

JC-Times brand

Corrugation forming machine max haul off power


Haul off speed


Cutting machine

Pneumatic saw cutting



Ridge tiles forming machine

With end cover, slope ridge for step roof, T ridge for step roof, top ridge for step roof

Other accessory machines

High speed mixer, plastic crusher, plastic pulverizer etc