PVC Profile Production Line

Machine's Introduction:

Needless granulating of materials, mixed with wood powder, the material can be directly used to extrude wood-plastic profiles.

Suitable material: PVC powder, PVC + wood powder

Process Flows:

Plastic(PVC) + additives

high speed heating mixer --WPC granule extrusion line --WPC profile production line-- finished productsanding/brushing/embossing surface treatment crusher for recycle

Equipment List of PVC WPC profile machine:

1. Heat mixing machine

2. WPC pelletizing extruder

3. WPC profiles extruder

4. Mould

5. Calibration Unit and water cooling tank+ haul off+cutter+stacker

Equipment List of PVC profile production line:

1. Twin Screw Extruder

2. Extrusion Mold

3. Calibration unit+ Haul-off Machine+ cutter+ stacker