The outlet pressure of the PVC pipe production line is affected by various factors, which affect the dimensional accuracy of the product. Here, we take a brief look at how to improve the accuracy of your product.

Increase output, reduce energy consumption, realize low-temperature extrusion, and prolong machine life. Since the polymer melt pump is installed in the PVC pipe production line, the decompression function of the PVC pipe production line is transferred to the gear pump for completion. PVC pipe production line can work under low pressure and low temperature. Leakage flow is greatly reduced and output is increased. The gear pump is easier to set the water head pressure than the PVC pipe production line, which can reduce the back pressure of the PVC pipe production line, reduce the axial force on the screw, and prolong the service life.

The PVC pipe production line realizes stable extrusion, improves the dimensional accuracy of extruded products, and reduces the scrap rate. In the extrusion process, the inhomogeneity of the material, the fluctuation of the temperature of the cylinder body and the cylinder head, and the pulsation of the screw speed are unavoidable. The use of molten gear pump can eliminate the feeding error of the feeding system, greatly reduce the fluctuation of the upstream transmission, quickly stabilize the working state, improve the dimensional accuracy of the extruded product, and reduce the scrap rate.

The PVC pipe production line has linear extrusion characteristics, which is convenient for upstream and downstream equipment to work together. Due to the small leakage flow of the gear pump, the transmission capacity of the pump is basically linear in relation to the rotational speed. When the speed of the gear pump changes, its flow rate can be accurately known. Since the synchronous working speed of the upstream and downstream equipment and the gear pump can be determined, the pressure and temperature information collected at the inlet and outlet of the gear pump can be used to realize the whole process. On-line monitoring and feedback control of extrusion process.

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