Conical Twin screw extruder

SJSZ series conical twin screw extruder is a kind of special equipment for extruding of PVC resin/powder mixture. With different sorts of molds and auxiliary machine, it can produce all sorts of PVC pipe material, profiled material, plate material, sliced material, board material, bar material, granulation/pelletizing and wood PVC, wood PE material.


PVC pipe ,PVC sheet board ,PVC profile , PVC pellets

Our Advantages:
1. Capacity increases (20% higher-vertical gearbox)
2. Lower noise ( around 75db- WEG motor)
3. Less power consumption (less 20%consumption-new type of copper heating band)
4. Longer screw barrel life (Bimetallic barrel coating layer)
5. Reliable quality (vertical gearbox by SKF bearing)

Technical Parameter

ModelSJSZ 51-105SJSZ 55-110SJSZ 65-132SJSZ 80-156SJSZ 92-188
Driving motor18.5W22KW37KW55KW110KW
Rotation speed1-4511-4-1-351-371-33


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