HDPE/PE Pipe Production Line

HDPE/PE Pipe Production Line can be used for different diameter HDPE/PE pipe production which have excellent stiffness and flexibility, heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage, and so on.
Midtech is a professional manufacturer of HDPE/PE pipe production line.


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Single Screw Extruder

  • High efficiency screw/barrel design
  • Power saving system
  • Stable PE material extrusion
  • Automatic electric control system
  • European gearbox design

Vacuum Calibration Tank

  • Advanced pipe line layout deisgn
  • Water leavel control system
  • Temperature control drainage

Water Spray Tank

  • Double loop European style water filter
  • Pipe support adjusting device

Haul Off Machine

  • For the different pipe size and different speed requirement, Midtech developed kinds of haul-off unit accordingly.
  • Optional to choose multi-caterpillar haul-off unit with wide speed range.


  • Universal fixture unit
  • High quality alloy blade
  • Smooth cutting surface

Technical Parameter

Pipe Diameter (mm)ExtruderMain Motor (kw) Output (kg/h)
φ 16-63SJ 60/38 90350
φ 20-125SJ 60/38110450
φ 50-160SJ 75/38132550
φ 75-315SJ 75/38 160650
φ 160-500SJ 90/38 250900
φ 315-630SJ 90/38 2801050



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