Plastic Auto Weighing Additives Dosing System Machine

  • All parts in contact with the product is in 304 stainless steel to avoid contamination.
  • Up to 10 kinds of ingredients can be weighed at one time.
  • The same batch can be weighted 6 groups at the same time.
  • High accuracy, low tolerance, maximum tolerance of individual ingredients will be within 5 gram.
  • Our PLC system ,you can choose to use any one formula according to your need.
  • We use America brand Mettler Toledo weighing sensor, which can ensure the weighing accuracy within 5 gram for each individual additives.
  • Automatic and manual operation mode.

Technical Parameter

SRL-ZHeat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool
Total volume (L)100/200200/500 300/600500/1250800/1600
Effective capacity (L)65/130150/320225/380330/750600/1050
Stirring speed (RPM)650/1300/200475/950/130475/950/100430/860/70370/740/50
Mixing time (Min.)8-128-128-128-128-12
Motor power (KW)14/22/7.530/42/1140/55/1155/75/1583/110/22
Overall dimension(mm)1950*1600*18004580*2240*24704800*2640*24805600*3000*31005170*3200*4480



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