Plastic Soft Pipe Double Station Winder

Compact structure, high automatic level, easy and convenient operation winding speed and inner winding diameter can be adjusted freely equipped with automatic winding displacement device, even and average displacement, coiling orderliness adopt moment motor, keep same tension and winding speed during winding.


Plastic Soft Pipe Double Station Winder

  • Various pipe speed adjustment by high quality and senstive torque motor
  • GP600 pipe trail layout unit
  • Trouble free running and operation machine
  • Vairous pipe inner diamter adjustment based on different diameter
  • Simple and easy rolling pipe dismounted

Technical Parameter

Model20-40 single station20-40 double station20-63 single station20-63 double station63-110 single station
Pipe diameter range20-4020-4020-6320-6363-110
Max winding speed16 m/min16 m/min12 m/min12 m/min5.5 m/min
Coiler Inner diameter0.58-1.20.58-1.20.58-1.80.58-1.61.6-2
Coiler max outer diameter1.



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