PVC Ceiling Wall Panel Profile Extrusion Machine

PVC Electric Cable Trunking Profile Extruder Production Making Machine is mainly used for making PVC Small profile like PVC Skirting profile,wall corner profile,PVC cable trunking profile with different section shape and height.


Conical Twin Screw Extruder

  • SIEMENS motor
  • ABB inverter
  • OMRON temperature controller
  • SIEMENS low voltage appliance
  • Bimetallic screw

Online Lamination Machine

  • Long compounding part, offer best lamination effect and higher efficiency
  • With 120 sets various holding rollers for various UPVC profiles
  • Glue system is curtain coating with uniform coating effect
  • With device for coating affinity binding agent for easy adhesive
  • Film releasing shaft is pneumatic expansion shaft with more tension to films

Vacuum Calibration Table

Haul Off

  • Upper/lower caterpillar driven separately and speed control
  • Fast change type pads for easy operation


  • Saw gear trimmed by alloy
  • Equippped with shutdown, protection & emergency switch
  • Storng dust collection system

Technical Parameter

ModelMax WidthExtruder ModelMotor PowerMax Capacity
YF 180180mmSJSZ 51/10522 KW120 kg/h
YF 240300mmSJSZ 65/13237 KW260 kg/h
YF 600600mmSJSZ 80/15655 KW400 kg/h
YF 800800mmSJSZ 92/18890 KW650 kg/h


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