PVC Hollow Corrugated Roof Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC hollow roof sheet making machine consist of extruder , extrusion mould , calibration system, haul-off machine , cutter and stacker.
The product has better performance than conventional composite tile on anti aging, anti- corrosion and heat insulation, so it has a longer useful life(4-5 years longer than conventional composite tile) It’s not faded easily and the surface is smoother, looks more beautiful and high-grade.


Conical Twin Extruder

  • Bimetallic screw/barrel
  • Hihg torque Vertical gearbox
  • World famous brand electrical component: Siemens,Schneider, ABB etc


  • High precision, stable running, easy to operate
  • Hard chrome plate surface, durable stainless steel heating rods

Vacuum Calibration Table

  • Independet operation panel for easy operate
  • Energy-saving pump control syetem
  • Three direction adjustable

Haul-off Machine

  • Upper and lower caterpillar is driven separately and speed control by frequency inverter.
  • Equippped with shutdown ,protection & emergency switch
  • High quality shaped rubber block

Cutting Machine

  • Cutting method for the saw blade cutting
  • Special positioning cevice to ensure the cutting accuracy

Technical Parameter

NameExtruder modelOutputMotor power
Hollow tileSJZ92/188+SJ50500kg/h110KW+15KW
Three-layer tileSJZ80/156+SJZ65/132450kg/h75KW +37KW
Corrugated tileSJZ80/156+SJ45350kg/h75KW+11KW



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