PVC Hot Face Cutting Pelletizing Line

Specially high torque gearbox designned, to achieve the smooth operation of the noise and other performance.


Single Screw Extruder

  • Bimetalltic screw/barrel: endure longer working life for high PHR CaCo3.
  • Screw/barrel with water-ring cooling: easy control PVC material over heating.
  • Rotary cutting, can meet a variety of cutting methods.
  • EPS Foaming layer out of storage silo for noise-proof.

Technical Parameter

ModelMain powerCapacityPellets diameterTotal length
SJSZ 4522 KW120 KG/H3 mm12 m
SJSZ 6537 KW280 KG/H3 mm15 m
SJSZ 8055 KW350 KG/H3 mm15 m


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