PVC Pipe Making Machine

PVC Plastic pipe extrusion line is mainly used in Water supply pipe lines, Sewage pipe lines & Rainwater drainage pipe lines & Air conditioning condensate water systems & Electrical conduit pipe lines etc. Midtech is a professional manufacturer of PVC pipe extrusion machine.


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Conical Twin Screw Extruder

PVC Pipe Making Machine

  • Bimetallic screw/barrel
  • Ceramic heater
  • High capacity dosing feeder unit
  • Automatic electric control system
  • SKF bearing for thrust bearing

Vacuum Calibration Tank

  • Water drainage by temperature control
  • Independent operation panel
  • Water level control system
  • Adjustable rollers to support pipe
  • Double Europe water filter

Haul Off Machine

  • Hard gear reducer
  • High friction rubber caterpillar
  • Speed control by inverter


  • Adopt Siemens PLC controlling
  • Saw gear trimmed by alloy
  • Equippped with shutdown, protection & emergency switch
  • Storng dust collection system

Technical Parameter

Diameter Range (mm)Extruder ModelMain Motor Power (kw) Max Capacity (kg/h) Max. Haul Off Speed (m/min)
16-32 FourSJSZ 65/1323725010
20-63 DualSJSZ 65/1323725015
20-63SJSZ 51/10518.512015
50-160SJSZ 65/132 372508
75-160 DualSJSZ 80/1561104506
63-200SJSZ 65/132372503.5
110-315SJSZ 80/156554503
315-630SJSZ 92/1881108002



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